Wart is a small ,hard,benign growth on the skin caused by human papilloma virus (HPV)


Usually symptoms are founds
Photo: Viral warts  courtesy by dermatocarebd

– Small


– Rough skin growth

Mode of Infection :

– Direct contact

-Or Indirect contact

Incubation period :

One to Six month

Pathophysiology of Viral warts :

Common warts have  found some characteristic appearances in different level of anatomical skin structures under proper microscope. They includes are following below

  • Thickened – Stratum Corneum which is termed as hyperkeratosis
  • Thickened -Stratum Spinosum which is termed as Acanthosis
  • Thickened – Stratum granulosum
  • Rete Ridge elongation
  • And large blood vessels at the dermoepidermal junction


Types of Viral Warts
  1. Common warts(Verruca Vulgaris).    –  Most often found on the hands   – Appeared as skin – coloured papules with a rough surface .
  2. Plane warts (Verruca plana ) .              Present as skin -coloured ,flat – topped ,slightly raised or elevated papules with a rough surface & occurs more in children
  3. Filiform warts(Verruca Filiformis).     Long ,thin ,pedunculated skin growth
  4. Digitiform warts (Verruca Digitata) : Papillomatous thin projection with finger like process, having  a common stem
  5. Planter warts(Verruca plantaris):  Occur on the Soles of the feet & tender ,thick & growing inwards
  6. Genital warts (Condyloma Acuminata ): Soft growth only found on the genital areas of the body in both sexes ( Or Can be very small & difficult to detect ) & sexually transmitted caused by specific strains of HPV .
  7. Subungual & Periungual warts : Present under & around the finger nails or toenails
  8. Intermediate warts : Combination of common & flat warts
  9. Mosaic warts : Plaque of closely grouped planter warts
  10. Flat warts : Commonly found on the face,armpits ,neck & back of the hand & legs . Interestingly matter that’s small ,smooth growth that grow in group up to 100 at a time .


Causes of warts

Human papilloma virus ( HPV)


Treatment of Warts
  • Electrocautery : cell destruction by heat effect
  • Cryotherapy : Cell destruction by freezing effect of liquid nitrogen
  • Chemical cautery : cell destruction by caustics
  • Laser treatment by Carbondioxide laser or pulsed dye laser
  • Podophyllin Resin 25%

-In alcohol ,liquid paraffin or tincture benzoin co.

– Effective in treating venereal warts

– Used as paint twice weekly

– Should be washed after 6 – 8 hours

– contraindicated in pregnants & in large bleeding warts

*** imiquimod cream may be used in ttt of venereal warts by stimulating local interferon production

  • Autosuggestion
  • Radiotherapy for resistant plantar warts


Disinfection of Viral warts

Some disinfectant can  be acted effectively to destroy activities of virus .Exposure to

– 90% ethanol for at least 1 minute

-2% glutaraldehyde

– 30% Savlon  &

1 % Sodium hypochlorite  undisinfect the pathogen

The virus is resistant to drying & heat but killed by 100 degree celcius  & ultraviolet radiations.


Prevention of Warts

To decrease the risk of spreading warts following advice are very important

  • You should not touch other people’s warts
  • You should not use other people’s towels,washcloths or personal items
  • You shouldn’t share shoe’s & socks with other people
  • You should not scratch warts or veerucae ,as this can cause them to spread
  • You should not wear sandals when entering & existing communal showers & pools
  • Do not brush ,combs ,shave ,or clip hair in areas that have warts
  • Do not bite fingernails of warts are near them
  • Keep hands as dry as possible
  • Wash hands thoroughly after touching a wart
  • Cover warts or verrucae with a water proof covering when swimming & socks or gloves elsewhere for exanpy of the gym

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