The desire of young Microbiologist in Bangladesh

  1. The desire of young microbiologists in Bangladesh : Viruses, bacteria, fungi etc that have come to earth as a cause of various diseases. ONE of them,virus is the only difficult structures for creating diseases. A pneumonia of unknown cause detected in wuhan city of China was first reported to the WHO country office in China on 31 December 2019.WHO is working 24/7 to analyze data, provide advice,coordinate with partners and then the outbreak was declared a public health emergency of International concern on 30 January 2020.On 11 February 2020,WHO announced a name for the novel corona virus disease as COVID- 19. However, If any virus invades the earth, it is important to detect immunization (Vaccines) Against that virus. This requires many microbiologists and adequate equipment (e.g:Electron microscope).While abroad is busy producing vaccines, new labs are being created in Bangladesh to test the Corona. There are many talented Bangladeshi students who are studying in universities outside the country & some are working as private university teachers in their own country. Now,it is high time to hire these talented students & teachers to eradicate this virus. Bedsides these,There are many diploma from MATS & IHT students in Bangladesh who are studying in the Department of microbiology in different universities of the country. Today, they are making hand sanitizers in the wake of their initiatives and passing them on to the general public. I firmly believe that if they get enough experimental instruments (e.g:Electron microscope) for research in Bangladesh, they build a stronger Vaccines & Kit for testing than China & other developed States. Today they are becoming a medical scientists whose work will be to study viruses, bacteria & fungus And in View of tgis Research, there will be huge improvement in the medical activities in the country. Many have not been able to continue their studies despite the lack of opportunities to study at a government University or medical University. The students of MATS are now studying in various private universities in the country without having access to education, according to the Five-year plan of Bangabandhu Sheikh Muzibor Rahman.In almost every union of Bangladesh, Deputy Community Medical officers are working with fatal risk to prevent the pandemic Corona Virus. That is, on the last 19.04.2020 yrs. some patients came to the hospital without putting on face mask & came straight in front of Sub Assistant Community Medical Officers(SACMO) & gave a baby a sneezing & Cough that created droplets around them. Thus,the pandemic virus (the corona virus) is spreading to every rural area of Bangladesh may be, these infected patients are coming to the hospital with flu-free patients & spreading also to the hospital patients & Nurses as well as Medical officer or other Doctors & Staffs have been affected in this way because they have not Enough PPE & Sanitizers. Anyway,it is not possible to eradicate any pandemic disease if not pursued by degree. The job of a medical technologist is to do what is impossible with the CHCP.Likewise, the work of a physician is unrealistic by a medical technologist. The fact is,people who have professional degrees in this country are not getting the job they deserve. Recruitment as a medical Microbiologist (BCS-Microbiololgy) has become as urgent matter in every upazilla health complex in the country. And a medical microbiologist will have a medical technologist who will work according to his instructions.

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