Psoriasis: this photo was taken from tongi ,gazipur ,Bangladesh (courtesy by Abdur Razzaque -microbiologist,Dhaka ,Bangladesh)

Mechanism of psoriasis : Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease  caused by an interplay between antigen presenting dendritic cells,T cells and keratinocytes creating well demarcated skin lesions appeared as reddish and scaly plaques .



Psoriasis is non contagious ,an immune mediated disease in which appeared as characteristics red,flaky,crusty patches of skin covered with silvery scales


Signs & Symptoms of psoriasis

Dry ,thick and elevated patches on the skin are the most common signs of psoriasis .These type of patches are common covered with silvery scales and tend to itch .Dry skin & thickened patches  are common .According to types, place & amount of psoriasis may vary signs & symptoms

Plaque ( plack )psoriasis : Approximately 80 % to 90% of people who have PSOE develop this type appeared as

  • Thickened patches & elevated skin
  • Scale
  • Plaque of different sizes
  • Smaller plaques  attaches together to form larger plaques

It can appear on the scalp,elbows, knees,or lower back  but they can develop anywhere.


Case Study

This patients was hailing from Gazipur garments area in Bangladesh  problems with thikend skin, scales ,plaques with sharply demarcated & sometimes itching .This patient  was given  such type of medication like Tab.Aprima 30mg (incepta pharma) with following regular doses & steroid responsed cream or ointments .however, recovered these lesions  greatly  with  this medication through online consultation  under well observation & supervision by special doctors .


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