Nevus of ota, ito & hori

Nevus of ota : Nevus of ota is being unilateral pigmentation of body appeared as bluish grey or brown hue on eye & surrounding eye region .

Nevus of ito : Nevus of ito is being same to Nevus of ota but its pigmentation appeared in arm ,shoulder or forearm ,forehead & sometimes nasal area could be seen clearly.

Nevus of hori : Nevus of hori is being another type of pigmentation as likeNevus of ota but its characteristics appeared on bilateraly .Therefore its pigmentation appeared on both side of eye & surrounding eye region .
Causes of Nevus of Ota,Ito & Hori : Actual cause is unknown but many scientists seems that’s occurred for genetic mutations  & need to research more to know actual cause  & generally medical doctors find out trigeminal  nerve controlling this disease .


Symptoms of nevus of ota ,ito & hori :

Bluish grey or brownish hue pigmentation appeared generally on eye & surrounding eye region .sometimes whitish eye or irises are found but no contagious to other peoples .

What are the pigmentation site in your body

  • Eye
  • Surrounding of eye (circles eye)
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Arm
  • Forearm
  • Shoulder

Type of nevus can be done by location of appearing pigmentation

What investigations need to diagnose properly

  • Optometrist can dilate eye & visualized by ophthalmoscope
  • Dermatologist can diagnose by ultrasound of eye & minimal biopsy

Treatment :

Laser treatment is better according to consultation of dermatologist .we can prescribe pregabalin (Cap.Regab 25 mg,1+0+1…for  3 months ) to regulate & refresh of trigeminal nerve .

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