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          “How much of a father’s role before the baby is born ——“

Author – Dr Abdullah Bin Moksed(Microbiologist)


A father inherits a sperm from his wife’s womb, which, together with an ovum, creates a new life. In the great nature of the creator becomes a boy or girl in the womb. In medical science, they are determined by the mother as a boy (xy) girl (xx). We get one or two red gloves on the earth, thus up to twelve (diodocaplate) children. Many people, including grandparents, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, aunts, and aunts, look forward to taking a closer look at that child (Newborn). Some are wondering if the newborn baby is healthy or sick and has a crust. Some are wondering who looks like. Someone is a happy boy or someone is a happy girl. Whatever. Every parent wants a healthy, fresh, soft and lotus body (Newborn). Another one is the beautiful shape that the parents want. But it is completely in the hands of the Creator. In this regard, Al-Qur’an Surah At-Taghbun, verse 3, Allah clearly states that your shape, physical structure and appearance are so beautiful that other creatures of Allah are deprived of it. Yet He has shaped you to be fair and beautiful, and to Him is the return. Islamists will find in the Holy Qur’an that God knows best whether it is female or not. It is impossible for a boy to be a father without children. And this is why the boy is slowly growing older and spreading heredity through donating sperm. In this way, today’s Newborn or tomorrow’s future generations are embracing the titles, life style and feelings of some medical disorders and emotions. Whatever. The boy next to Khan’s house was walking like his father, laughing, laughing, etc. Even though his father left home with his family. Yes genetics are the mystery of science.

Gene is a commercial invention of the word genetic. Thousands of genes are constantly playing in our bodies. A human body contains from 20,000 to 25,000 genes. One copy of each person’s gene comes from his parents. Fewer than 5% of people are different. Other than that, all the genes remain the same without any change. And as such genes do not change, so scientists have discovered specific gene therapy. As a result, the medical scientists of the present world are assured that the disease is inherited. And to say the least, genetic disorder is a hereditary disease. Which is caused by mutations or mutations in a person’s DNA sequence. Studies have shown that DNA mutations occur due to environmental factors, such as cigarette smoking and radiation exposure. However, due to the change in DNA sequence, there is a serious disease called cancer of one father to the next. So now is the right time to focus on your bad habits, diet, addictive life (eg cigarettes, fencidil, opium, yaba, alcohol addicts, etc.), life-style, bad emotions, and feeling that your next or uncontrollable instinct does not. Has become a national issue. In the developed countries, before the birth of the child, genetic testing is done by the parent or parent and then the child is taken. Because today’s children are the future of the next day, Bangladesh needs to add a little more. Genetic test is a screening test on blood or tissue types of a human body, which is a means of diagnosing a chromosomal defect or an inherited disease of an individual or his or her spouse. Through this test, doctors can discover some of their inherited diseases. This test is performed to check for obstruction before the birth of a newborn, which is mainly due to the gene defect of the parents. Some disorders can be diagnosed by the mother’s blood screening. If not enabled, this can be done through Amniot Sentecin or Chorionic Villon Sampling (CVS).

When a mother wants to have a child after 5 years, she has to think about genetic disorder. Because if a mother is above 5 years of age, she is more likely to have a genetic disorder of her newborn. That’s why these tests or tests are basically shot. If the genetic disorder is divided into three parts, it is necessary to first speak of the single cell disorder. This is due to a special or partial gene defect. These include Dominant Recessive and X Linked Disorder.

Secondly the chromosome dis order, which is the color of the chromosome number or structure changes. For example – Down Syndrome (Habagoba Baby or Baby) Thirdly multifactorial or complex disease; It is the mutation of different genes that is influenced by the environment and the interaction of lifestyle. Examples: Parent or father smoking is the cause of new prostate cancer.

However, at present our mothers in Bangladesh have no access to it. Even in every union ward, as many as 5 pregnant mothers are being given / received from wards to community clinics, health and family welfare centers. Mothers are freely receiving services from these institutions. Almost all mothers have learned that folic acid does not get high during pregnancy, so they are more likely to suffer from autism baby (Eg – Thick Thorns, Talcanta, Spina by Fida, etc.)

Alcohol and smoking ban during mother’s pregnancy It is also learned from the Bengali girls of Bangladesh with little interest and a successful attempt to cooperate with our serving physicians, nurses and medical personnel. While there are different services and promotional arrangements for mothers and children, there is no service or counseling service for the father  health and the health of the child. However, the role of the father is most important in the health and well-being of the child. In that case, the father is still behind, but even the father does not get to the minimum counseling from any hospital. Because there is no counselor or help desk for parents in this country. That has now become the demand of the time. So if a prospective parent wants to have a child, what medical check up does he have to do is still not clear in Bangladesh. But According to a study by Dr Joanna Kitlinska Professor (Biochemistry and Molecular and Secular Biology) at Georgetown University, father’s health affects the health of a child. In particular, a potential father of a child needs a vital counseling diet, lifestyle and exercise to create a healthy newborn. This is an urgent matter. Counseling only on diet, lifestyle and exercises in this potential Bangladesh day by day, we will have our new breed, such as birth defect or jerk crutches. Anyone can get rid of autism, disability, schizophrenia, metabolism disorder and mental disorder,it is just an entrepreneur’s dream. Therefore, medical counseling is required to provide parents counseling in the wards of each union ward to take 5 of the parents along with the mothers of Bangladesh. So as not to cause a bad impact on the child’s well-being and the cause of a happy prosperity family is formed. Because our country is middle income country. It is an independent state. Many people on the map of the world are taking their plunge in this country and contribute their self. Scientists, doctors, lawyers, engineers and scientists are growing in the country in line with the developed countries. Most of the well-known people of this country have a history behind them. A healthy or unhealthy or poor income earner is struggling to keep the country moving at a slow pace. A prosperous prosperity of all is sought by Shali, a prosperous Bangladesh. And that is how one day the world will rise to the top of a fully modernized digitalized country, called Bangladesh 


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