Sings & symptoms of gonorrhea patient(dermatocarebd.com)


Gonorrhea is the infectious disease caused by  bacterium named neisseriae gonorrhiae & characterized by painful ulceration in both female & male (throat,genitals & rectum region )

Sings & symptoms:

In male : discharge from the tip of the penis ,swollen one testicles,burning sensation of micturition & even throat sore & inflammation on tonsillar area

  • In female:vaginal discharge ,dyspareunia(painful intercourse),& even vaginal bleeding occurs

Sometimes  have not appear any signs & symptoms


Inj.Ceftriaxone 500mg or inj.cefotaxime 500mg intravenously for a single dose & then capsule Doxycycline 100mg ,twice daily for 14 days  & abstinate sex for mininum seven days from sex partnar


Prevention :

  • Use of protective (condom) during coitus
  • Urinating free from market place toilet or bad odour placed toilet or unhygienic environment or toilet
  • Habit of legal sex
  • Avoid multiparters
  • Avoid anal sex
  • Examined gonorrheal test before sex


In male : Infertility

In female : transferring disease to child during delivery in case of affected mother


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